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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A "thumbs up" idea

One of the blogs I follow is called Free Technology for Teachers, by Richard Byrne, and he just wrote about a site I think many of you would enjoy. Here’s what he wrote and the link:

Thumb Scribes is a new platform for collaboratively creating poems and short stories. Thumb Scribes can be used in two ways. First, you can contribute to a story or poem that someone else has started and placed in the public gallery. Second, you can start your own story or poem and either place it in the public gallery or invite others to collaborate with you. If you put your poem or story in the public gallery anyone can add to it. If you don't want the whole world adding to your poem or story you can mark it as "private" and invite individuals to add to it.
Photo from Average Jane Crafter


Mrs. Smith said...

Neat idea! I will have to share this with my creative writing class. Some of them are private with their writing, but many of them enjoy collaboration.

Simsbumponablog said...

Great idea!